2018/04/06 – In the dorm – Me with the computer

“I’m almost 25” I said. And Frenk replied with his ease “you know, normally I saw girls when being asked about their ages, they would say “I’m 25 but I prefer to be 24″ or they would never satisfy with their ages. But you said it almost, so…” and he showed me his big smile. I chose to believe he just gave me a compliment for being honest. Then we continued the interview.

Should 25 be my big milestone? I just got approved to the PhD program which I am definitely struggling to pass. My 5 years relationship with Cole is turning to a completely different unexpected path, we both still love each other and believe a break should be good for the two. I feel like I’m having a romantic crush to another guy, yeah I do.

I have a plan. Next year, in his graduation day, I will be there, waiting in a corner, lurking around until the time he stands alone, I would jump out and say “hey, M. Tôi thích cậu. Congratulations!”. Then run my ass off to the door so he could never ask me what the f I just say to him. May the force be with me, may the force be with me, may the force be with me.


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