It’s raining

Doris recommended a new class for me. My left brain says “3 kids are too much, 2 classes are too much. I can not handle it. I can not manage my time”. My right brain argues “Only in the real situation, you can truly know who you are and what you can do. Just give it a try. And one more thing, you need money to survive”.

It’s raining, and it’s raining tomorrow. Doris, her sister and I have a plan to go to Kaohsiung tomorrow afternoon. We’re taking Doris’s daughter to an event for the kid.

Eddo said to me we can go to the Vietnamese restaurant next week or the week after that to celebrate. It’s not yet the end of the semester. He said I could use my thesis to develop as the dissertation for my future Ph.D.

My brain froze many times this afternoon when Tung explained to me how to observe the stock market and decide when to sell or buy. The story then changed from behavioral finance to the gender issues after Olivia came to the tea shop and ignored me.

It’s a pain for me when people sincerely describe my outlook, I know it’s true, I know, I know. Tung generously gave me 6 points on his beauty scale and didn’t forget to give me some bonus words like “relatively black”. I confessed to him that compare to my ex-bf, he deserved a big 4. I guess his Hong Kong should be an interesting place. The light pink hoodie gave me some pieces of advice to change my hairstyle and the glasses as well. On the way back home, I wondered am I too formal?

There’s a Dragon Boat festival this Sunday and I don’t want to go with Cole, truly.

If anyone wants to ask me how I am doing right now, please don’t.




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