Tung left

It’s midnight here, I’m reading a paper about design autonomy on smartphone platforms. It doesn’t feel like a big challenge to read through as I thought it could be. Cole’s advice is helpful for now. I haven’t finished reading the whole paper yet, let’s see how much I can do.

Tung left Tainan this afternoon. I thought It could be very sad, really really sad. But I found glad and happy for him, the whole week he spent in Tainan was pretty tedious. HK welcome him home with joy and a lot of things to do. He gave me a pinky little bag, which he said, one of HK’s style. Well, I like the bag, except the part that he told me my style was like a household woman.

Keshai and Kara are now my teammates for FM course. I started to feel unpleasant about doing teamwork again. Keshai is more than a great partner but Kara, oh Kara, I feel disappointed about her. But it’s on the right track now and I hope it’s gonna be okay until the end of the course. Otherwise, I’ll do it all by myself.

So Doris will pick me up tomorrow after I finish the Multivariate Method course. We’re going to her house and making dinner together. It’s gonna be interesting and fun. Sunday morning she’ll drive me on her scooter to Starbucks and I’m gonna tutor U40 there. After that Doris will teach me Chinese and we’ll have a wonderful weekend.


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