What am I good at?

It is such a shame when saying I didn’t know how to answer this question. Just sitting down and trying to list out the things about me is an easy game, but I then I thought there should be something more.

Thanks to Hyhy, she suggested me to try a tool called CliftonStrengths. Then I paid 50$ to do the assessment. I am happy I have my answer now.

1 Adaptability. 

“Here, now” is my wisdom. I live in the moment.

I am, at heart, a very flexible and open-minded person.

Difficulties are part of life and I’ll find a way to deal with it.

I can quickly adjust to changing or unexpected circumstances that upset or intimidate others

2. Connectedness

I am considerate, caring and accepting.

I give people a sense of comfort when being around.

I am good at building bridges between people and groups.

I love helping my people.

3. Empathy

I am naturally a good listener, I care for people as individuals.

I am aware of the expression, value, and implications of others’ emotions.

I build up a relationship with other people by trust.

4. Strategic

I can see the patterns and work systematically.

I am an agile decision maker.

I quickly determine the different paths in a scenario and determine the best one.

5. Maximizer

I strive for the best.

I focus on quality, and prefer working with and for the best.

So,  here are the summary of what I should focus on